About Us

Biz First – Company Overview

Biz First is in its innovative quest to put forth 'Business First' solutions for Enterprises by offering next generation software development tools and hosting solutions on Cloud.

Biz First is a fast-growing technology enterprise with intensive focus on next generation business IT products and solutions. All our technology solutions are effectively backed up with cutting-edge research and top-notch services to enhance the overall user experience for a wide spectrum of clients.

We are based out of New Jersey, USA, and take pride in offering myriad of cloud-based IT solutions and services in Applications Development, Business Intelligence and Testing space. Apart from USA, we offer services in Canada, Europe and India as well by heavily leveraging our offshore-based delivery model.

We stand for

Technology and Product Innovation

Our cloud-based application development platform is the output of extensive research and refinement, which can bring in a significant value addition to the business process of our clients. The key focus area of our company has always been the cutting-edge technological innovation.

Quality Services

In the fast-changing technology industry, outsourcing companies are struggling to provide consistent quality-ensured services to their clients. However, Biz First stays unique in this highly competitive arena by offering much reliable and quality solutions to our clients. Biz First's Business philosophy is based on the mantra of "no compromise on quality".

Biz First's aim is to enhance our clients' competitive advantages and profitability. Each business is unique, so we put forth an effort to rightly understand our client's business model and to offer custom-tailored IT services best matching to the client needs. As a proven matter of fact, defining IT with a better understanding of the business process and priorities can drastically improves the chances of success for technology enterprises. The Business Architecture Practice of Biz First has a strong outlook about the importance of perfectly aligning IT into business.

Why Biz First

Clients can directly benefit from our;

Biz First offers consulting and application development services on a variety of technology platforms by rightly leveraging our offshore-based delivery model.

Our Vision

"To Lead the Way by Bringing in Innovative Changes in the IT Applications Development and Hosting Products Arena'

Our Mission

As an enterprising Information Technology company, our mission is to simplify technology-for-all by creating easy-to-use methodologies, and at a broader perspective, optimizing the role IT can play on behalf of senior as well as novice technocrats to enhance their productivity, and thus contributing towards achieving the organizational goals in a much quicker and cost-effective manner.

Our Offerings

We help the SMBs and start-ups to effectively make use of our apps and tools for their customized business needs with minimal or no help. We are always striving to create value out of our relationships.

There is a diverse set of development apps on offer, which can bring unparalleled power to the users' hands to make better achievements in lesser time and cost – a true game changer. Organizations can now quickly develop and launch their database applications on cloud.

The Apps First Apps can be easily and quickly loaded with full functionality by leveraging out-of-the-box Apps and features; All these Apps are published as independent products to be subscribed from the Biz First's Market Place.