Trial $0 Express $0 Premium $0 Enterprise $0
Basic Allocations
Contacts 500 500 10000 Unlimited
Documents 500 500 10000 Unlimited
Users 3 3 5 50
Document Storage 50 MB 50 MB 1000 MB 5000 MB
Data Storage 50 MB 500 MB 3000 MB 10000 MB
Records 5000/month 5000/month 50000/month 200000/month
Organizations 5000/month 5000/month 50000/month 200000/month
Contacts 5000/month 5000/month 50000/month 200000/month
Core Functions
Addresses Y Y Y Y
Phone Numbers Y Y Y Y
Email Addresses Y Y Y Y
Tasks Y Y Y Y
Document Repository for every contact Y Y Y Y
Diary/Notes for every contact Y Y Y Y

Docu First, Contact First and Secure First are foundation components. These Apps are free as long as you have a valid paid subscription to any of the non-foundation apps