Make Use of the Repositories
Docu First facilitates multiple document repositories. Being a user, document repository simplifies your task of well organizing the documents and help maintain the security.
Physical Repository
The physical storage location of each repository can be custom configured based on the criticality and availability of the repository. Say for example, you might need to keep your legal documents in a high-speed SAN storage, however may put the Archive documents probably in a slower remote storage system.
Virtual Document Repository (VDR)
Virtual document repositories are very helpful when you need to create numerous smaller virtual repositories. You can create as many VDRs as possible. BizFirst Apps are allowed to create one or more VDRs for each entity. For example, you can create single or multiple VDRs for each contact, project or doctor.
Virtual Document Libraries (VDL)
Unlike VDR, VDL does not maintain document versions. A VDL can be easily integrated into any of the other functional app, which is developed using Apps First.