Application Maintenance
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You may have noted that the lion's share of your IT budget is eaten up by Application Maintenance, leaving only minimal scope for new development and strategic projects to happen. A solid Application Maintenance strategy can reduce this expenditure and allow you to effectively divert the budget into more strategic initiatives.

Our expertise across the spectrum of business processes, consulting, technology, application transition and maintenance processes can help reduce the expenses in a much easier way, without compromising on service levels or service quality.

Our Application Maintenance service offerings include:

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Our Process

Our innovative methodology allows for an effective capture of application environment and business activity, thereby ensuring a risk-mitigated approach to outsourcing along with the benefits of proper documentation and application improvement strategies. Our processes and methodologies are rightly designed to understand all the business risks involved, and establish a suitable governance model to ensure risk mitigation and regulatory compliance.

BizFirst Infotech has a four-step process to transition the maintenance of applications as below:

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Application Maintenance Services

Our Application Maintenance service offerings include: