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The key for business enterprises to thrive in a competitive marketplace is to stay ahead of the competition. The major challenge for any organization is to make the best business decisions at the right time, based on accurate and updated information. Many companies rightly realize that having advanced BI abilities can be one of the major differentiators in their business to stay ahead in competition.

Biz First Infotech provides offshore-based services in many areas related to DW-BI. Some of the services offered are;

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The key to thriving in a competitive marketplace is staying ahead of the competition. In order to make the best business decisions based on accurate and current information is a major challenge for enterprises. Many companies realize that, having advanced BI abilities can be one of the major differentiators for their business in this competing world.

Many organizations lack solid BI strategies and efficient BI solutions today. Managers have to go through several tabular reports to gain knowledge that enables them to take time critical decisions. Many a times, the information presented to managers are incorrect because of the data quality issues of the underlying data. It is very important for organizations to create cleaner data with the help of a data management practice.

Many BI projects fail to meet the objectives because the users do not see value in the reports or analytics created at the end. This happens either because IT do not think in align with the business or business users do not know what to ask for. This is where business architecture plays a bigger role in BI projects. It is very important to architect the report models and navigation through a series of discussions with the users. Business aware Solution Architects should drive this activity.

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We have expertise in several reporting tools such as BizFirst's BI First, Microsoft Crystal Reports, Microsoft Reporting Services and IBM Cognos. We also have expertise in the data preparation tools such as Microsoft Integration Services, Datastage, DTS and AbInitio. In the database space - SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Informics and DB2 are some of the database servers we are familiar with.

We offer end to end services starting from strategising, architecting, developing, testing and deploying the BI solutions. We have expertise in relational and dimensional data modeling and data architecting. We also provide services around analytics. We have expertise in Microsoft Analysis Services and Cognos. We have specific knowledge around data management services such as data governance, data certification, data profiling etc.

We also provide services around Metadata management and Master data management.

Apart from designing data cleansing algorithms and logic, we also provide services around manual data cleaning of bulk amount of data. Our superior quality process will ensure correctness of data.

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