Entities – One-stop shop for all your functionality
An Entity here can be compared to a real life entity such as a Vendor, Book, Insurance, Bank Account, Supplier or Task. It is a powerful component that manages and drives the behavior of an entity and all its related functions. An Entity’s UI component, Rules, Business Logic, Processes, Services and Data behavior are stored and managed in a single place. With just a few clicks, you will be able to disable or enable useful features for any entity set in the system.

For example, when you define Doctor Entity in the system, you will custom configure it as which Pad/Form will be used for searching doctors, which datasource will be supplying data for doctor look up, enable logging when a doctor is created, enable pagination when browsed through the search results and so on.

Having all information about an entity at a single place is very helpful option in quick review of the entity’s behavior and configuration. You can automatically create functionality to the entity using templates that are already available in Apps First.

For an entity, one may see forms everywhere in a transaction app. Apps First allows you to quickly create Forms and associate controls & menus to them.

The Form development effort is accelerated when you use templates or published controls. Once a Form is developed, it can be hosted through EditorPad (a Pad Element that hosts Forms).

Once a Form is created, it can be reused in many pages through hosting on Pads.

Listviews are reusable components which contain information about data that is displayed in a list and it significantly reduces the need of rebuilding presentation logic for each grid in every page.