Styles – Customize the look and feel of your App
While you can accomplish relatively general changes through theming, you can achieve much complex things through styling. With the use of the Web Designer Studio, you can directly change the stylesheet of your app – it opens up unlimited opportunities for the web artists. Styling was a complicated task previously. However, now every tab, line or dot on the website is within the control of the web artists to beautify it whichever way you want.

For regular applications, we offer a predefined library of styles and these will automatically be assigned. The styles available here are absolutely free. You may want to create a new Style only if you want to have a drastically different look or if it is for a unique device (such as a TV screen or a rare smart phone display). If you need any assistance to develop new styles for your apps, our expert team of professional designers is just a call away..

The combination of Theme, Style and Brand can bring a unique look and feel to your App.