Personalize your App with Themes & Skins
Have you ever wondered if there are some quick options to change the look and feel of your web site at one go? Say for example, adding a more appealing background image or changing theme from one color scheme to another or changing the space between controls. Typically, the designers achieve these by changing CSS Style Sheets. However, changing style sheets requires a bit of experience and technical know-how. Large applications may have larger style sheets and the developers may tend to lose control over it due to a large number of styles in the sheet. Our Web Designer App puts forth an easier alternate.

Theming is an effective way to manage styles in your web site even without any in-depth knowledge of CSS. If you are not confident in developing your own theme, don’t worry, you can easily pick a theme from the numerous themes published at our platform – it’s absolutely free. If you don’t find any themes to meet the requirements of your unique brand, contact us and we can custom develop one for you.

Generally, all your apps may reuse the Account level theme. A single account level theme can bring standardization across all Apps of your company. However, if you would like to have a uniquely different theme for a particular App or Pages in an App (for example, the home page with a green theme and an About Us page with blue), you can easily execute those changes too in just one click.

What if you can configure themes for each user? Your users would simply love to set up their own themes if possible. With permission granted, your users can also create their own custom themes and enjoy a personalized look - it’s a big value addition.

No doubt that the right combination of Themes, Styles and Brands can bring a unique look and feel to your App.