Customize the brand, style, theme and layout
All Biz First Apps support customization of branding, style, theme, and layout. The overall look and feel of your website can be drastically uplifted with these designer components. For advanced users, Biz First's Web Designer tool will effectively help in building more brands, custom styles, themes, and portal page.
Imagine changing your logo or the footer based on the user or client who is logged in. Your account can also have your own branding too.
A theme is an easy way to change the background color schemes or spacing of an app. It is an easy way to change the look and feel of your app. You can easily switch between themes. Biz First has already published numerous themes and all what you need to do is to pick one of your choice.
While you can accomplish relatively simpler changes through theming, you can achieve much complex things through styling. There are options to directly change the style sheet of your app.

The combination of Theme, Style and Brand can bring a much unique look and feel to your App.
Portal Layout
You also has options to change the layout by changing the portal layouts and portal pages. For example, if you want to display the menu on the right-hand side and content on top, you can configure it this way by altering the portal layout.

A brand, style, theme, portal-layout can be configured for a particular page, device, user, app or account – you can build or customize the App in whichever way you want.