Have a good grip on project-related expenses
Effectively managing the expenses related to your project is a vital aspect in overall project management. While planning for a project, there will be different expense heads incurring at different stages and all these needed to be factored in. It is very important to keep a track of all the expenses and properly managing it for successful project administration.
Expense Addition
Plan First has the option to add expenses whenever needed and generate reports based on expense categories. New expense types can also be added through admin interface. Plan First allows you to maintain cost estimates and also execute the approval processes.
Expense Approval
On new expenses getting added, the project manager or the other concerned will get to know the details about these expenses and there is a provision for approval. Unlike the other conventional tools, Plan First has a customized approval menu through which you can add approver name and approved date etc. Approval status such as approved, pending, rejected statuses can be marked accordingly.